Preparing a home for sale can be a challenge since it’s a bit like dreaded spring cleaning on steroids. Effectively clearing space, creating open areas and light can literally make a sale, however.

As with most seemingly overwhelming tasks, it’s best to take it one step at a time. Begin by evaluating your storage spaces, closets and shelves by going through each one and dividing their contents into throwaways, donations and keepers. Organize the space as you return the contents you will keep. Unwanted and unused furniture can be donated, discarded or sold at a garage or yard sale.

Brighten small spaces and make them attractive, like creating a reading alcove with a chair, floor lamp and small bookcase. Replace dark or dingy curtains and draperies with light ones. Does a forgotten window have a view of the backyard? Show it some respect by installing tasteful curtains, placing a plant or flower arrangement nearby and otherwise presenting the illusion of space. Keep in mind that prospective buyers are more likely to favor a home with features that are lacking in their current residence.

Preparing a home for sale might also include several other important measures, including structural repairs or improvements, enhancing its curb appeal and more. It is to your advantage to have a friend or, even better, an experienced professional such as Elizabeth Axelgard visit your home and lend their objective eye to the project. Elizabeth can also advise you regarding the steps needed in preparing a home for showing.