Midnight at the Oasis

🎶 Send your worries to bed

As shadows paint the view so wide

Traces of grape vines in my head

Heaven’s holding the hillside

Stars mirrored in the pool

Let’s slip off to the pub, real soon

And sip a margarita or two 🎶


8010 Mt. Vernon Road

Auburn 95603


🏷   $ 1 , 9 4 8 , 0 0 0

🛏   4-5  B E D R O O M S

🛁   7  B A T H S

📏   2 6 5 6   S Q F T

🛠   B U I L T   I N   1 9 6 4

📋   M L S # 1 8 0 2 8 8 9 6


8010 Mt. Vernon Road

Auburn 95603


🏷   $ 1 , 8 9 8 , 0 0 0

🛏   4-5  B E D R O O M S

🛁   7  B A T H S

📏   2 6 5 6   S Q F T

🛠   B U I L T   I N   1 9 6 4

📋   M L S # 1 8 0 2 8 8 9 6

T H E   F U L L   S T O R Y

T H E 

 F U L L   S T O R Y

From high up on this Auburn hillside, you can see for miles and miles. The infinity pool seems to blend in with the horizon and you find yourself overcome with tranquility and awe.

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The Pub

The pub was made from 100% reclaimed materials. Mr. and Mrs. Seller love to give new life to old and found objects, a theme you will notice throughout the property (the bridge over the creek is made from an old boxcar!) Recycled wine barrels and corrugated metal roofing can be found as cabinets and the bar is made from a single piece of redwood. And let me tell you, it is stunning!

When the sun sets, the onyx glows. The stone is set in sections under the bar and backlit - it’s one of my favorite features. But it’s not the only one! There’s the Round Oak wood-burning, pot belly stove set against a backsplash of raw granite. The Heartland 3-piece refrigerator with french doors and classic gas range stove. And let’s not forget the Mongolian BBQ! Yes, you read that right...it’s really there and it’s awesome.


The Poolhouse

The guest house balcony overlooks the pool and valley below. Up here, your guests will love the granite countertops and convection oven in the kitchen, the soapstone oven for heat, and the Italian tile in the full bath.

If you’re a fan of old-style timber framing, you may notice the use of scarf joints as well as mortise and tenon joinery around the pool and guesthouse. I learn something new every day!

Underneath the living quarters is a perfect workshop space. This is where the homeowners let the wine ferment after harvest, but it could easily be made into a number of things!

Behind the poolhouse is an even bigger workshop, housed inside a 40-foot shipping container. This is definitely a tinkerer’s paradise for sure! Plus, with the extra outbuilding for all your outdoor equipment, you won’t be fighting for space anywhere.


Keep the Party Going...

Find your way down the stairs to the area below the pool. Play bocce ball (even at night with the fully lit arbor above it) or make smores while watching the sunset. Host a weekly wine tasting if that is your wish - climbing vines and twinkling lights hang from the pergola outside the wine cellar.

From here, you have a great view of your garden. If living off the land is your thing, you’re in luck. I’m not talking about a few tomato plants… there are multiple planter boxes, fully irrigated on timers as well as an orchard of fruit trees, including mandarin, persimmon, and fig.


The Main House

While the majority of the property is ready to party, the main house is where you can let your style shine. It would not take much to upgrade this original 1964 adobe home.

A large living room opens up to a deck with a view. No need to upgrade the stove, however. The owners entertain regularly so they installed a 6-burner Wolf gas range and dual ovens by Bosch.

I absolutely adore the butler pantry (why did we ever get rid of those??) There is ample attic storage and the garage comes with its own office behind a gorgeous barn door.


The Vineyard

A vineyard rolls down the hillside making for a spectacular landscape. Fun fact: rose bushes are strategically placed every few rows as a way to protect the 3000 vines that grow here. Pests go for the roses first, so when they show up, you’ll know to take action to protect the grapes. There I go, learning new things again!

A tranquil pond lives at the center of the vineyard and is home to trout and bass. The pergola adjacent is a wonderful place to relax and you have a great view of the weeping willow over the pond’s dock. I can just imagine spending an afternoon in the shade with my feet in the water…

From the moment you drive up to 8010 Mt. Vernon, you can tell the homeowners put quite a bit of time and effort into making this property beautiful. An unforgettable experience for anyone who visits, calling it home is something truly special.