Negotiation is one of the most important facets of buying a home and it is also one of the areas in which Elizabeth Axelgard excels. Her vital real estate experience and specific negotiation expertise combine to give her clients an edge in any transaction and lead them to the closing of escrow feeling pleasantly excited about their new home.

Of course, 3 things that can go a long way in creating strength in your bargaining position are if you are:

  • an all-cash buyer
  • preapproved for a mortgage
  • free of a home that needs to be sold before you can buy

Above and beyond these seemingly obvious advantages, your offer will often truly stand out if you make it for more than the asking price. No matter what advantages you do or do not have, here are some basic suggestions that will help you with your offer:

  • Establish your absolute maximum offering price before the beginning of negotiations.
  • Add some conditions and contingencies to the offer that you know you can live without. That will give you some bargaining points without losing more important items.
  • Line up some alternative homes in your mind. Having that fallback plan will help you maintain objectivity and emotional stability during negotiations.
  • Know the seller’s wants and needs.For example, maybe his or her new home won’t be ready for move-in by the closing date, so you can offer to rent back for a limited period.