Evaluating an offer on your home is a more complex task than you might think. It requires evaluating all the variables involved, including how anxious you are to move, if the purchase of a new home is contingent on your current home’s sale, the mood of the real estate market at the time of the offer, existing inventory, and so on. Elizabeth Axelgard will help you assess the offer’s quality, and will put her unsurpassed negotiating skills to work to secure the best terms of the contract and, overall, ensure a smooth and expeditious transaction. Here are a few of the ways Elizabeth will assist you through the process:

  • Accompany you when the offer is presented
  • Obtain information about the buyer(including background, qualifications, etc.)
  • Inquire regarding the buyer’s financing and offer any assistance in that regard
  • Thoroughly review the contract and explain the details and its pros and cons.
  • Guide you through responding to every key issue, including recommending contingencies, inspections, disclosures, escrow, buyer financing, and any unusual terms and costs.
  • Negotiate the price and contract terms that are benefit you the most.
  • Inform you of any recent market activity pertinent to the transaction.
  • Communicate with you regarding any governmental requirements that might apply. Those requirements might include things such as a Transfer Disclosure Statement,Smoke Detectors Compliance, Environmental Hazards Disclosure; and Federal requirements such as The Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) and Lead Paint Hazard Reduction Act.
  • While the final decision to accept, reject or counter an offer is yours to make, Elizabeth will provide all pertinent facts and her educated opinion in order to assist you in making that decision.

Following your decision to accept an offer, you will see how Elizabeth’s knowledge, talents and skills continue with managing the details of a home sale.