Although the challenges of pricing a home can be overwhelming, Elizabeth Axelgard is able to call on her years of experience specifically in the communities she covers within the Sacramento real estate market in order to ascertain an accurate price. Her goal is always to find the number that will result in serious attention from prospective buyers and their agents, while providing the optimum return on her clients’ investment.

In addition to calling on her in-depth knowledge of the specific local market, Elizabeth taps experts to ascertain market pricing trends, employs a comparative market analysis (CMA) technique, and knows the importance of communication with her clients. Carefully explaining to sellers the challenges of pricing a home and the many factors considered can turn unrealistic, emotional wants into a viable win-win outcome.

Following are a few suggestions for assisting Elizabeth in evaluating your home’s worth:

Consider home sales within the last 30-45 days rather than the past 6-12 months. Factors such as the economy, and broad and localized market trends over a more extended time period might compromise the estimate of your home’s value.
Combine the knowledge gained from #1 above with prices of homes in your community or neighborhood that have just closed or are scheduled to close soon. Elizabeth has access to those figures.
Ideally, you will end up with 20 or so property sale comparisons within a one-mile radius of your home.

Provide Elizabeth an accurate, honest list of your home’s strengths and weaknesses. That will help create a starting point for her property comparisons, as well as allow her to make a wide range of recommendations regarding everything from repairs to possible staging. Think of your home as if you are a potential buyer and be as objective as possible.

If your property is priced right, marketed effectively, and prepared well for showing, before you know it you will be evaluating an offer on your home.