Even the initial decision can be daunting when it comes to selling a home. Once that choice has been made, however, the benefits of using a real estate agent such as Elizabeth Axelgard should definitely be considered. All of the subsequent decisions, tasks and responsibilities associated with listing, marketing, showing, negotiating and much more are best left to an expert. Both time and money can be saved by doing so. In fact, owners trying to take on those responsibilities can quite easily find themselves overwhelmed, and even in legal jeopardy. Consider the following points:


Are you sure you can identify a legitimate real estate agent or a well-qualified potential buyer? Generic “For Sale by Owner” signs and advertising can, and do, attract unwanted and unqualified agents and looky-loos. At the very least, you could end up spending countless hours with unqualified individuals. The worst scenario would be having professional thieves scouting your home both inside and outside. In addition, a well-established and respected real estate professional such as Elizabeth Axelgard brings an impressive roster of contacts to any clients and properties she represents.


As perhaps the most difficult part of the home sale, negotiation requires in-depth market knowledge, years of experience, communication and negotiating skills. By bringing all of these things to the table, a qualified Realtor can assure a win-win outcome while providing optimum return on your investment.

Financing Arrangements

Whether it means connecting her clients with reputable, competitive lenders and lending institutions, or sharing those contacts with the buying agent and buyer of your home in order to assure the completion of the transaction, Elizabeth can expedite the process thanks to her many years of representing discriminating buyers and sellers of distinctive Sacramento area real estate.

Is It Worth It?

Ultimately, the money you save by avoiding paying a commission to a qualified Realtor will probably be little compensation. The time you spend and the money you potentially waste on ineffective marketing, and possibly even on legal representation, could be enormous. In fact, if you’ve decided to sell your home, you should not hesitate to contact Elizabeth Axelgard right away so she can advise you on the art of preparing a home for sale.